What do I do?

Maybe I was just around for the nights
Nights you needed to hold onto somebody tight
Maybe there’s a reason that we were just what I think.
Just some rebound fling?
So what do I do?

Maybe, I think
I just not your type
Maybe your eyes
Didn’t really long just for mine
Maybe I shouldn’t have let you in.
Or maybe it’s a good thing that I did
Because there were moments when you kept me
Warm in your arms

So what do I do?

What if you never found out that night?
What if you never looked into my eyes?
Would I be better not being where I am
Or is this a feeling I can stand?
I miss your arms

So what do I do?

Maybe I should be more careful next time
But maybe I am.
Maybe you are
Just wasting your time?
Maybe I should just ask you what this is
Would you end it.
Or say I’m just wrong?

So, what if you do?


Hawaii (Nothing But Dead

Let’s rearrange

I wish you were a stranger I could disengage

The look in your eyes,

Girl they haven’t changed

But I fear we won’t ever get along


So let’s discard

All the hopes we had

Like that cable car

That the Fray sings about

While playing a guitar


We can never get along


Every feeling I thought I had

Nothing but dead

Nothing but dead

We can’t reignite

Not tonight

Not in this life


It’s really strange

That doe-y eyed look you used to have

It hasn’t changed

It still tugs at the string of my heart

But I can only wonder for how long


Let’s not start

I gave you my trust

And you ripped it apart

In some silly way

A way

That will forever come between


Every feeling I thought I had

Nothing but dead

Nothing but dead

We can’t reignite

Not tonight

Not in this life




Blinded by Ego

Girl you moved me

Yes you moved me

You were the oxygen fostering the flame beneath my ass

Ever since I let you leave me

I’ve been searching for another gas

Arrogance clouded what I remembered

About the man I was suppose to be

Now regret isolates me like an island

Seperated from mainland by the sea

You were everything I desired

But an over-inflated ego blinded me

Where did I go?

Why did I lie?

Why did I give up

Without even a try?

I traded you for lonliness

For uncertainty

For a better-off you

And a pathetic me.

Now I’m setting my goals

I’m learning

How to be a better man

But is it really worth it?

When you’re not there to hold my hand.

I lost your trust when I finally had it

You had my trust before it was earned

Now like any loser I do wander

For a place on this sad Earth

Where did we go?

Why didn’t you fight?

For something you said you needed in life?

Why am I so weak?

What makes you so strong?

I don’t know if I can take this for much more long

This feels like a losing battle

But I’ll brush away my tears

Because I need to believe I can be happy

Even though you aren’t here

On The Radio

On the radio

I heard that you reached fame

I lit up a cigar

With a joy I could not contain


I listened to it twice

Just to hear your words

The sounds you made were grand

Like something foreign to this Earth


On the radio

You were so proud and glad

It wasn’t until a tear rolled down my cheek

When I realized I was sad


On the radio

You were so far away

It’s been to long

Since I’ve felt your warm embrace


I listened a little more

Because the callers were calling in

Every Jack & Jill

Wanted you to climb their hill with them


On the radio

I heard that you reached fame

It made me really glad

But I’m still lonely all the same

My Dream Tonight

It’s border line
Or It’s State line
Either Way, I won’t cross it this time
She’s a gypsy,
But I’m drifter
So you best believe,
I can never be with her

And I’m gonna live my dreams tonight
Cos tommorrow I’m probably gonna start a fight
And My trusty steed will take me anywhere
For me it’s just another camp fire year

Getting drunk with friends till morning
All we’ve got are 64’s and 40’s
And Annabelle does more than just tuck me in
I guess she doesn’t mind that I’ll wake up pukin’

And I’m gonna live my dream as a knight
Superman better becareful as I prepare for flight
Dreary dungeons never seem to scare
But Stay with me at my camp fire here

But I must say, I’ve grown weary
Of living out all my fantasies
Can I be normal for a while?
My most intriguing mission
Would be me to make you smile

And We’re gonna live Our dreams tonight
The evening sky just seems perfectly right
Blind Ambition will guide us everywhere
But we can share pillow talking dear

(2009 Original)

One Year Gone

It’s been close to a year now
I just can’t leave this pain
The way I made you leave me
Still eats at my brain
There’s so much I could tell you
So much I want to hear you say
But you’re no longer with me
It’s driving me insane

They say that you lose it,
Just when you need it the most.

I hope that you’re doing just fine
I hope that your memories are forming better than mine
I hope that one day I could just see you smile
I hope you’re making the best of each mile

I’ve never regret to tell you
I write mini letters to you everyday
I throw most of them out
Because I don’t have much to say
I would just love to hear you,
I can still hear you say, “I miss you, baby”
Girl, I still feel the same

Why did I do it?
You were the one who loved me the most

I hope that you’re doing just fine
I hope that your memories are forming better than mine
I hope that one day I could just see you smile
I hope you’re making the best of each mile

Recall Me, Recall me
I’ve got to know
If this feeling is all just my own
Recall me, Recall me
How can I love you if you’re not near?

I’m doing just fine
My heart still misses you, but it’s getting better with time
I hope that one day, I could just see you smile
I bet you still haven’t gone out of style.


If there’s one thing you have taught me
It’s that I was no good as your man.
Though I could write scores of poems about your beauty,
It’s something you could never understand.
I’ve always thought that girls like you didn’t exist
Yet, there was always this demand.
I could’ve sent you more flowers
Should’ve taken you to an orchestra or a band.
But now if I try take your hand,
You would move away and stand.

You never did understand
I think you’re impressive
It’s a thought of everyone
They just don’t express it.
You’re just so wonderful,
But you had to leave.

I could fill up all my blog
With all that thinking about you,
All the thinking I have thought.
I would repeat some of it,
But you’d only think I’m trying to get you off.
I could tell that you have talent,
and not with singing or reading a script.
Your thoughts and words are beautifully unique
When you talk I just swallow all of it.
I tried to be your man,
and I don’t think you were too scared to make that stand.

You never did understand
I think you’re amazing
It’s a thought they all want to say
But they’re all too lazy.
You’re just so wonderful,
But you must leave.

You must leave.

You were so different than the others,
But I feel like I was a waste of your time.
Though you poke me and you greet me,
I doubt that I’m ever really on your mind.
I tried to be your man
But you wouldn’t let me make that stand.

I hope one day you understand
That you’re impressive.
I think everyone alive
Should just express it.
And I hope
That one day you won’t have to leave.